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  1. Does 925 Common have security officers on staff?

No, 925 Common does not currently have security personnel. As a courtesy to our residents and visitors, door staff is available after hours (including overnight) and on weekends. Door Staff are here to provide assistance, but they are NOT Security Officers

  1. What is considered a maintenance emergency?

There are three situations that are considered emergencies and will be handled as soon as possible:

  • AC Failure in the summer months
  • Water leaks than cannot be contained by placing a bucket
  • Smoke detector battery replacement (you will know the battery needs to be replaced because the smoke detector will start beeping)

All other issues will be handled during regular office hours within three business days.

  1. How do I submit a maintenance request?

Maintenance requests may be submitted:

  • Please submit on the service request page
  • In person at the management office
  • By phone at 504-525-7377

  1. What happens if I lose my keys?

If you misplace your keys, you may stop by the Leasing Office and borrow our key. You will have to make a copy at your own expense, and return our key to us as soon as possible. 925 Common does NOT provide after-hours lock-out service, so in the even that you need to access your apartment after the office is closed, you will need to contact a Locksmith service and have them open your apartment at your expense. If the Locksmith service requires to see a copy of your Lease Contract, the door staff can retrieve your file for you.

Please note: Door staff does NOT have access to apartment keys.

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