8 Reasons To Look At Furnished Apartments in New Orleans

8 Reasons To Look At Furnished Apartments in New Orleans

Looking for an apartment should be fun. Especially in a city like New Orleans! Instead, it seems like an endless list of pros and cons. Balancing price, location, and features. Deciding what your priorities are and what you’re willing to sacrifice. There’s so much to think about! Not to add another thing to your list, but have you thought about looking at furnished apartments? You need to be looing at furnished apartments in New Orleans. That much is clear.

Furnished Apartments: 8 Reasons Why

Though it is another thing to debate, a furnished apartment might make things even easier for you in the Big Easy.

1. New place, new you. There’s nothing like making a fresh start. No matter what brought you to this new apartment, starting with a clean slate feels good.

2. Decision fatigue is a real thing. Getting bombarded with decision after decision can wear you down. Avoid buyer’s remorse and trust a professional to have an apartment all ready for you.

3. New Orleans doesn’t have an Ikea. We don’t know how people furnish apartments without a close-by outlet of this affordable Swedish furniture store. Avoid the headache of trying to piece together a home and find a move-in ready place.

4. Embrace the culture. You’d be hard-pressed to find a city as vibrant and fun as New Orleans. You’re a local now, your home should look like it.

5. Easy, breezy move-in. Imagine moving into your apartment with only the things that you love. All your favorite clothes, cherished photos of your friends and family—the little things that make a space feel like YOU. Everything else is taken care of!

6. The streets aren’t moving-friendly. All the potholes in New Orleans would surely do damage to your mom’s antique china cabinet. Tell her to hang onto it a while longer, you’re all set in your new, furnished place for now.

7. Save on up-front costs. Don’t shell out thousands of dollars on furniture right when you move in. You likely will already have tons of moving expenses (and headaches). Save yourself (and your bank accounts) the stress and go furnished.

8. Impress your guests—sooner. No one has to know you didn’t decorate yourself. Take credit for the style and embrace it. Get that housewarming party on the calendar now—your new apartment will be company-ready in no time!

Find Your Common Ground in New Orleans

When it comes to apartment-hunting, it’s all about finding that sweet spot. That common ground between value, perks, and location. For you, that common ground might be on Common Street. 925 Common in New Orleans offers both furnished and unfurnished apartments in a great location. We’re right in the middle of NOLA’s Central Business District (CBD) between the French Quarter and the Warehouse District. Oh, and there’s a rooftop pool. Contact us and we’ll furnish you with all the information you need to make your decision.