Easy Entertaining In New Orleans Apartments

Easy Entertaining In New Orleans Apartments

Inviting people over can be more fun and more affordable than going out. Celebrate a holiday, a birthday, a promotion, or just a Wednesday. You already know New Orleans loves a good party, the next one could be in your apartment!

New Orleans Apartments Perfect For Parties

Your apartment you might have less space than a house, but you don’t have to be short on fun—or style. A one-bedroom is plenty of space for a soirée. You’ll increase the chances of friends coming if you’re not stuck out in the suburbs. Find a place that’s close to work for happy hour hosting. Bonus points if it’s close to pregame spots and after-party hangouts.


Not a whiz in the kitchen? No problem! You have the most exciting culinary city in the country at your doorsteps. Order on UberEats or Waitr, and you won’t even have to leave your building. Get some people-pleasing, easy-to-eat food. Our fav NOLA party foods? Embrace Louisiana’s Cajun culture with boudin balls and fried seafood. Celebrate the city’s diversity with spring rolls and mini muffalettas. Go old-school Southern with deviled eggs and pimento sandwiches. The options are endless.


Just like New Orleans has the best food, it arguably has the best drinks too. Hurricanes, French 75s, Sazaracs, Absinthe, Ramos Gin Fizz, Café Brûlot—the options are endless and delicious. Check out the recipes—some are easier to make than you think. And, as the host, you don’t have to worry about getting a cab! But you should make sure all your guests get home safely.

Be Merry!

Add some music to create an atmosphere. (Another New Orleans no-brainer, it’s the birthplace of Jazz after all.)  You can’t go wrong with any tunes, but make sure the volume isn’t too loud once your place is full of chatty friends! Add to the festive feel at all your events by making investments in supplies and decorations. At a restaurant supply store, you can get boxes of real flatware for about the same price as plastic ones. Reusable and classier! Getting solid-colored decorations means you can use them for multiple events. For example, gold is perfect for the holiday season, Saints games, AND Mardi Gras.     

925 Common in New Orleans

Looking for a party-perfect, conveniently located pad in New Orleans? 925 Common in the Central Business District offers eight different floor plans. Close to work and close to play, they’re also the perfect background for all your events and gatherings. Contact us for more information and check availability.